About Me
Thank you for visiting my page. I am privileged to have you here and hope you find my artwork to your liking.
My game development career has provided me the pleasure of shipping multiple AAA titles as an Environment Artist. Within my role, I enjoy collaborating with art directors, artists, animators, and level designers. I am passionate about creating stunning interactive visual environments. I’m credited in Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect Andromeda, and now the Destiny Franchise.
Besides my interest in digital art, I enjoy spending time with my family, travel, photography, oil painting, drawing, and concept art when given the opportunity.
I especially thank all those who have purchased my content in the unreal marketplace! You are supporting my work and your contribution is fundamental for me to provide you with more content in the future that I hope will be valuable to you. Please stay tuned for more!
Kind regards,
Julio Juarez