This is a collection of work that ranges from 2002 to 2013 in 2D and 3D mediums.
This is a very special work for me titled “beautiful sunset”. This around the time I realized 3D art was my desired career path.
This Ak47 was a great learning experience for modeling and texturing. I really enjoyed making both hand painted textures for the wood and procedural metal shaders to produce this image in 3D max.
The “leaf project” reflected my love for detail. I made all the textures in Photoshop as part of a texturing tutorial I authored in 2003.

The “spring fairy” was an exploration in 2D painting. The background represents my acrylic painting style from that time.
Jack and the beanstalk and Alice in wonderland (below) are part of my fantasy series from that time. Made using Photoshop and a Wacom.

“Visitation” presents a moment of helplessness, but with hope on the horizon. This was a concept art exercise that used photo sources to create textures on surfaces and added realism.
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