Level Design Memoirs. Part 01 – ‘Overgrown’. Added August 18, 2011.

This is the first tutorial of the series titled ‘Level Design Memoirs’. The series will show how I approach level design in my environments, and the thought process behind creating the individual assets. The first installment is titled “Overgrown” which focuses on creating the illusion of overgrown plants and how it affects the surrounding architecture. It also focuses on techniques that I’ve gathered throughout the years in regards to creating appealing distribution of these assets throughout the scene.


UDK Dynamic Sky Cycle! Files Added July 14, 2011.

This environment features a full sun/moon cycle that is completely adjustable.  The scene uses the same sky and sun materials that where developed in previous tutorials. Therefore, sky textures and colors can be easily replaced to achieve totally different looks for a variety of environments. UPK and UDK files are available here:


Open ‘Manual’ PDF document inside the download package for more information.

UDK Dynamic Sun! (PDF) Added June 24, 2011.

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to make a dynamic sun using UDK. The tutorial will cover material setup and material instance customization. Using this method, a Sun disc is automatically generated in the position of the main directional light, and its animatable via matinee. Tutorial updated in July 13, 2011.


UDK Animated Skydome! (PDF) Added June 14, 2011.

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create a skydome, make a color map for it, create masks for special effects, and finally setting up the customizable shader network inside UDK!



29 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Currently using your sky tutorials for a tech-demo I’m making, extremely helpfull, will show off someday when it’s ready, thanks!

  2. You are the master of the masters, thanks for all this tutorials! are you actually working on a game?

    Greetings from Argentina!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for the help. This was extremely informative and I am much more familiar with the material editor because of your tutorials.


  4. Hi, fantstic work! Very inspiring work. Any chance of the Storm scene being released? and maybe the tutorial too? The progress looks awesome and I would happily donate for it! Many thanks

  5. Your Skydome Tutorial is so great! It helped me so much with my school project. I still trying to use the Dynamic sun for planets in the sky but haven’t found a solution yet, I don’t even know if it is possible. Do you have any tips?

  6. Julio, I can’t thank you enough for the skydome tutorials. I learned so much and am incredibly happy with the final result. I feel like I have an infinite array of skies at my disposal now : )


  7. Julio estos tutorios estan fantasticos hermano que buen trabajo, mira si en un tiempo puedes tirarte uno the crear vistas y animation bajo oceano or lago..

  8. Thank you for your tutorial ! i have use for my game :) thank you !!! i update my DevBlog this day or tomorrow :) the resultat is very very nice for me !! thank you :)
    i have problem with dominant light… but i search !
    thank you one more time :)

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