3D Artwork

Polar Science Facility  –  Now Available in the UE4 Marketplace!

Polar_02 Polar_01 Polar_04 Polar_03

Polar_06 Polar_07 Polar_09 Polar_08


Dragon Age : Inquisition

DAI_01 DAI_02 DAI_05 DAI_03 DAI_06 DAI_07 DAI_08

The following four examples where hand-painted using ZBrush Polypaint and Photoshop.

DAI_012 DAI_011 DAI_010 DAI_09

Mass Effect 3

ME3_10 ME3_14 ME3_15 ME3_11ME3_13 ME3_12 ME3_09 ME3_08ME3_07 ME3_06 ME3_05 ME3_04ME3_03 ME3_02 ME3_01


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Forest Shot: Responsible for creating the vines and crafting nodes.

CemeteryModeling, texturing of gravestones, stone sculpture, and embrium.

Fade Shard, Hearth Dog, Orlesian Wheel, and Dread Wolf Totem where made using ZBrush, 3D Max, and Photoshop.

Mass Effect 3

Mars Facility: Responsible for modeling, texturing, asset placement, and lighting. Worked on the art of this level in collaboration with Don Arceta.

Mars Green Room: Complete art ownership of this section.

Firebase Condor: Worked on this multi-player map in collaboration with Chris Ryzebol.

Citadel Casino: Complete art ownership of this level.

Leviathan: This is the ship wreck level was created by Graham Kelly, Josh Dean, and Me. I was responsible for modeling, cloth, and shaders for special effects.

Loading Screen: Designed in engine to be used as a loading screen.


August 13, 2015

Added Polar Science Facility!

May 12, 2015.

Added the Oil Painting Collection!

September 24, 2014.

New Concept: Visitation added to 2D Artwork Section!

April 08, 2012.

New Concept: Abell 2387 added to 2D Artwork Section!

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